What we do

It's simple we Craft for Gold

Our Capabilities

Glyphs of any level.
Potions and Poisons of any level including 50%, 100% and 150% XP Pots.
Food & Drinks of any level.
Jewelry 9 trait, any level.
Light Armor 9 trait, any level.
Medium Armor 9 trait, any level.
Heavy Armor 9 trait, any level.
Wood 9 trait Staffs, Bows and Shields any level.
Weapons 9 trait, any level.
Furniture & Decorations. We have Over 700 Plans and growing.

We offer All Styles available as of Morrowind.

Who we are

Members of Bozz Craft

Bozz Craft

Crafting is our Focus, we Currently Operate on PS4 and only serving North American Server players at this time.

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Special services

We do it all

Trait Exchange Service

We have the ability to make ANY trait for Research, for a small fee we will craft you any piece that you need for research.

Provision Leveling Service

We can level your character from 0 to 50 Provisioning in about 30 Min. You need the following:
  • 4 Available Skill point
  • 1 Green Recipe at level 10, 15, 25, 35 and 45.
  • Check Guild traders you can find green recipes at each level for less than 200G each.
  • 7.5K Gold (Our Fee)

Once you have all of the above, msg Bozz_it with a list of ingredients for 1 of the green recipe at each lvl

Don't have enough Gold?

We buy crafting Materials.

Sell My Materials