Ring & Necklace

Place your order in the form below our Crafting Fees is 1K per piece.

Jewelry Crafting is brand new, trait and upgrade materials are rare
and not very available or affordable at the moment. If you order
jewlery TRY to have all your materials or be ready
to wait a bit, as we attempt to aquire what is needed.

NOTE: We may not be able fullfill your order if materials cannot be aquired.

[ Price quoted may vary. ]

Pick the Armor Set you want crafted.
This will display all armor, weapons or jewelry pieces that we have the ability to craft if any for the set / number of traits, including available traits, and styles.
Use the Special Instructions to provide additional details about the order.
Example: "I sent my mats to xyz crafter craft when you can. Thanks"
"I'm missing one style mat plz msg me with a quote."
Only fill in the Level, Trait and Style for the pieces you want crafted for the given Armor Set.
Want to order a Mix of Light, Medium, Heavy, Weapon and even different Armor Sets all at once?
Then you should be using the Mixed Order Form