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Bozz_IT January 22, 2019, 9:07 pm




After the word got out that I was a 9 Trait crafter I got allot of friends all of a sudden. Crafting for others is time consuming and was waisting tones of time playing 20 Questions with people in PSN Chats / Messages, trying to gather all the necessary information to craft what they wanted. GOT TO BE BETTER WAY... and BozzCraft was my answer. As time went on I found my self crafting for hours trying to keep up with orders and crafting is all I did, so needed to recruit some help so meet so of ourcrafers below.


Master Crafter

Craft, craft, craft, fight crime and craft... Thats the life I live. In my free time I like eating chipotle, buying things I don't need in life and long walks on the beach... O crap I forgot I'm on our crafting site not my tinder and plenty of fish accounts. Hit me up if you need anything crafted I enjoy making your characters better by providing honest, satisfaction guaranteed crafting. Thank you for your future business.


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So a little bit about me. When I'm not kicking back and watching the troll fights on my throne made from the bones of Molag Bal or two man-ing Vet Dungeons (killing is more fun with a friend), I've decided to sell my skills as a master crafter to help pay for my 12 characters' Mage College fund (if I'm being honest, only 11 are going to college, the Argonian is about as smart as a frost giant).



Hi, I'm a small fry at 5'5", when I'm not being a Chef, Soccer Mom, Guild Mom, or crafting on here, I'm secretly searching google maps to find the elusive Bozz.


Master Crafter

Sleepy Bio Comming Soon